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Getting Started with Automizy
How to upgrade my Automizy account?
How to upgrade my Automizy account?
Find the best fitting plan [Implementation time 2 minutes]
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A 14-day free trial version helps you make the best decision on email marketing.

After you decide to move on with Automizy, just click on the "UPGRADE" button in the header of the app.

You will see a popup that contains a slider - representing the plans based on the number of your contacts.

If you drag the button on the slider and switch it to any number of contacts you will see how much it will cost.

Clicking on "Upgrade", you can provide your billing information.

Click "Next" to enter your card details and confirm your payment.

We use Braintree as a payment processor (it is owned and run by PayPal) and we don't store any information about your bank account.

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