Congratulations! You are about to take the first step in Email Marketing Automation.

What is Email Marketing Automation?

The purpose of Email Marketing Automation is to send relevant content and offers to your leads and prospects based on their behavior and interest. Collecting data and setting it up seems to be difficult that’s why Automizy is focusing on building the worlds easiest email marketing automation platform that enables everybody to create awesome automated email campaigns.

You can measure and use a lot of data about your contacts that help you send relevant, personalized messages to relevant contacts, automatically.

Let’s start with an email resending campaign:

  1. Go to "Automations" and click on  "New Workflow":

2. Choose a Trigger.

A Trigger is an event that needs to happen for your contact to enter this automation.

In Automizy you can choose from these triggers:

FORM: An automation triggered by a form will start immediately if somebody fills out the signup form you choose in this step. The form can be an existing form, like an HTML form on your Wordpress site or blog, or popups. You can detect these forms using our Autodetect feature. Or you can create new forms in Automizy to insert is to your page if you want.

TAG: An automation trigger by a Tag will start immediately if somebody gets a Tag you select here. A Tag is a label attached to your contact for the purpose of segmentation. Useful tags for example: "EBOOKNAME_DOWNLOADED", "CAMPAIGN_OPENED", "PAYING_CUSTOMER", etc.

HAS ANNIVERSARY: An automation triggered by an anniversary will start on the date when one of your contacts has a date type custom field every year. For example: birthday, first payment date, or subscription date etc. You can use this to delight and engage your customers.

ADVANCED: You can start an automation through an API call or Zapier integration. For further information please contact our Customer Success Team:

For this example, we'll use a Tag as the trigger. Click on "Gets a tag" and select the tag you'd like to use. I selected the "test1":

Click on OK.

Click on + and choose "Email" as the next step.

Now we will create a Drag and Drop Email. If you want to check all possibilities you can use in our Email Editor, click here.

Add a subject line. In this example, I used "My first email".

Click on NEXT.

Create your email. Drag and Drop a Title, a Text Block, and a Button to your email. 

Click on NEXT and check the preview on Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet than click on Done.

And click OK.

Add a "Wait for": in most cases, it's wise to wait 1-3 days after sending an email to avoid spamming and to give your subscribers enough time to open your letter.

After you set up waiting period, add a condition: Whether they have opened your email or not.

If not, choose "Email" again, and copy your email but this time give another subject line.

If yes, select "Do this".

Then choose "Add Tag to contact".

After that, create a new tag "opened_email1" and click "OK".

Now you are ready, PUBLISH your automation! 😊👏

What will happen now?

Nothing because there isn't a contact in your database who has the tag: "test1".

If you add this tag to yourself, or to another contact, this automation will send the first email immediately. Then it'll wait for the amount of time you set up and check the condition, then resend the email or add a tag to your contact.

To add this tag to yourself: 

  1. Go to Contacts menu.
  2. Click on "VIEW" on your list, then click on "VIEW" of your contact. 
  3. Then click in "Tags" section and type in 'test1' and hit ENTER to add the tag.

How can I monitor what happens in the automation?
Click on VIEW and that will show you the automation in Analytics mode with all the data.

If you have questions or need further information about this feature, please contact our Customer Success Team:, or use the chat support.

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