Listed below are the most common reasons why your CSV import didn't upload all of your contacts, along with recommended actions you can take to avoid these in the future.

The #1 reason is connected to CSV encoding.
You can use UTF-8 or ANSI encoding with the appropriete profile settings.

If your CSV file is UTF-8 encoded  (your character separator is , ), please make sure your profile setting is UTF-8. 

If you use ANSI encoding (your character separator is ; ) your profile setting should be ISO-8859-2.

Recommended Action: Open your CSV in Libre Office to see what is the type of encoding.

2. Your file is too large or has too many custom fields. Files that have several custom fields and are too large can cause the CSV import to fail. 

Recommended Action: Break the file down into multiple, smaller files and remove any custom fields you don't need.

3. Your contact(s) doesn't have an email address. Valid email addresses are required for every contact. If you do not list an email address, or if you have included an email address that is not properly formatted, the contact will get skipped by the importer.

Recommended Action: Make sure that each contact has an email address and that they are formatted properly.

5. Your contact has bounced in the past, is unsubscribed, or you have duplicates of the same contact in your file. If you have any contacts in your file who have bounced in the past, is unsubscribed, or if you have duplicate contacts in your file, the importer will skip them.

Recommended Action: Make sure that your contact(s) is not bounced, unsubscribed or a duplicate.

6. Your file contains special characters. Special characters include but are not limited to apostrophes (') and backslashes (\). 

Recommended Action: If you have any characters in your file, you will want to make sure to enclose that particular field with double quotes. For example, if a contact in your file has the last name O'Conner, you will want to make sure that it appears as “O'Conner” in your file.

7. Your CSV file has more contacts than your plan allows. 

Recommended Action: If you wish to increase the number of contacts that your plan allows, then you will need to upgrade your account on the Billing & Upgrade page.

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