The first and most important goal of lead nurturing is to educate your subscribers and move them down the sales funnel to close the deal faster and easier.

Everyone who has some experience with lead nurturing understands that collecting data about your contacts is a crucial part of this process.

The information you collect strictly relies on your business needs but there are 2 main types: behavior-based information and data provided by your subscribers themselves.

One part of the behavior-based information is meta information you add to your subscribers. Such as: downloaded a specific ebook, is actually getting educational emails of your course, became a lead, paid, etc.

You don’t necessarily have to add meta descriptions to your subscribers based on their behavior but I really recommend to do it.

And yes, tagging is the procedure of adding meta information to your subscribers based on their behavior. Sounds cool, eh?

Tagging helps you: 

  • avoid spamming your subscribers, 
  • know what type of content they are interested in, 
  • segment them according to their behavior, 
  • and identify their life-cycle stage.

You can manage your tags easily in Automizy:

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