There are 3 ways you can connect the signup forms on your Wordpress site with Automizy:

1. Connect the signup forms on your website via Automizy Autodetect:

If you have simple HTML forms on your website, you can connect them straight to Automizy.
In Automizy, go to Contacts/Signup forms and click on "Connect from Website". After you connected your forms with Automizy, you just have to insert our tracking script into the header of your Wordpress site. You'll see your new subscribers appearing in Automizy. Here's a detailed description of this process.

If you use Javascript forms, then Autodetect won't work for you. If Automizy can't find your forms, it's because you use Javascript forms. Don't worry, you can sort it out with a different solution. 👇

2. Build new Automizy forms:

We have an easy-to-use, drag and drop HTML form builder. You can build your signup forms in Automizy, then copy and paste the HTML code (generated by us) to the place in your Wordpress site where you'd like your form to appear. After that, you will see that your subscribers are appearing in Automizy as they are signing up. Here's a detailed description of this process.

3. Use Zapier:

If your Wordpress engine supports it, you can send your subscribers into Automizy via Zapier. Just build a Zapier workflow with your Wordpress Zapier app as the trigger and Automizy as the action step.

If you need help with any of these, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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