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Zapier and Automizy
Zapier and Automizy
Integrate your apps with Automizy using Zapier
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Connect Automizy with the apps you like and already use: introducing Zapier integration.

Zapier helps you connect different apps easily without the need of programming. There are lots of use cases where it comes handy, e.g. you can connect Automizy with:

  • CRM systems (like Pipedrive, HubspotCRM, Zoho CRM and more)

  • Forms&Surveys (Gravity forms, Ninjaform, SumoMe, etc.)

  • Webinar tools (such as GoToWebinar)

  • Chat software (e.g. LiveChat, Slack)

  • Email Marketing tools (Mailchimp)

  • Video Marketing software (Wistia)

  • Event Management tools (Eventbrite)

But there are lots of other exciting ways to use Zapier with Automizy.

What is Zapier capable of?

Zapier requires you to build a 2 or more step “Zap”. Zaps are the workflows, which have a trigger and an action step:

  1. Trigger (the app that sends data to Zapier)

  2. Action (the app that receives data from Zapier)

What can trigger a Zap in Automizy?

Automizy can send multiple types of data to other services via Zapier that helps you satisfy tons of use-cases. For example:

  1. If a new contact subscribes on your signup forms you can send a Slack or email notification

  2. If a subscriber gets a specific tag (for example you automatically add a tag to leads that are ready to buy) you can send a notification to a sales rep or you can move a deal from one step to another in your CRM

  3. If you delete a tag from your subscriber (for example a subscriber finishes a nurturing automation, e.g. an email course) you can send a notification message or update the contact’s data in your CRM

What can a Zap do in Automizy as an action?

  1. It can create or update a contact in Automizy, therefore you can send new subscribers from your unique popup service into Automizy and follow-up on them

  2. If it turns out in your CRM that your prospect needs nurturing, just add a tag to that subscriber via Zapier automatically which will trigger your nurturing campaign

  3. Unsubscribe your contact if they unsubscribed in your other services or told you to unsubscribe themselves on your website

How to setup a Zap with Automizy?

If you would like to send data from Automizy to another app, follow the steps below:

1. Click this invitation link 

(Or in Automizy app please click the Settings menu on the left bottom side of the screen, Click Integrations and choose Zapier.)

2. Log in to your Zapier account from there (or create a new one) 

3. Search for Automizy

4.Choose a trigger type in Automizy:

Trigger types:
– Contact Created: It triggers the Zap when a new contact is created
– Tag Added To Contact: The Zap is triggered when a Contact in Automizy gets a specific Contact Tag
– Tag Removed from Contact: The zap is triggered when a contact in Automizy gets a specific Contact Tag

5. Select the Application that receives the data and setup actions.

If you would like to send data to Automizy from another app, follow the steps below:

1. Click this invitation link

2. Log in to your Zapier account from there (or create a new one)
3. Change Automizy trigger to the app you want to send information from
4. Search for Automizy in the action section and pick it

5. Choose an Automizy action type:

Possible Automizy actions:
– Remove Tag From Contact: Remove 1 or multiple tags from a subscriber in Automizy
– Add Tag to Contact: Add 1 or more tags to a subscriber in Automizy
– Create or Update a  Contact: Create a new or update an existing subscriber in Automizy
– Unsubscribe contact: Change a contact’s status to Unsubscribed in Automizy

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