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Unbounce and Automizy
Unbounce and Automizy
You can send contacts to Automizy in real-time if you use our integration with Unbounce.
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Unbounce is an intuitive, easy-to-use landing page builder that allows you to set up web pages in minutes for lead generation. You can ask for contact information with forms and send it to Automizy system immediately and automatically.

Unbounce forms can trigger automations inside Automizy.

Here are the steps to integrate Unbounce and Automizy.

1. Open your Unbounce landing page overview

After you design your landing page and save it, open your page overview (not builder) and click “Integrations”.

In the integration tab, select the “Webhook” tab and click “+Add Webhook”.

You’ll be requested to enter a URL to post contacts’ data to.

To find your Webhook URL, login to your Automizy account.

2. Open your Automizy account

Go to the “Integrations” tab, and click “Connect” on Unbounce’s integration.

Copy the provided URL here.

3. Paste URL to your Unbounce integration URL field

Paste your URL and click “Save changes”.

Once done successfully, a confirmation message will appear.

3. Test your landing page

Open your landing page and subscribe to your form to make sure the contact details are sent property to Automizy.

A new list will be created in your contacts page in Automizy where your landing page contacts will be added.

That’s it!

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