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What happens when I edit or pause my Automation?
What happens when I edit or pause my Automation?
When an automation is paused new contacts can't enter it, and existing contacts remain in the part of the automation they've reached.
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After you start your automation, you'll be able to make changes to the workflow and the emails it contains.

Before you start:

Note, that your Automation will be paused during the editing process.

After you click on "Edit" your automation will get an "Inactive" status, so you can change your workflow settings, reorder the sequence of content, and add new emails.

If you have an Automation you want to inactivate temporarily or even permanently: Click on "Pause"

If Automation is "Inactive"...

  1. ...contacts are not able to enter the automation in this period 

  2. ...contacts who are already in the automation stay on that "waiting period" they are currently on 

Click on "Republish" to let your contacts flow forward in the Automation.


Let's suppose you have an Automation with a “wait for 24 hours” section between 2 email sending actions. 

One of your most engaged contacts is in this “Wait for” section for 16 hours. You edit and pause this Automation for 4 hours. Then you Republish it.

When will your contact get the next email?

A.) 8 hours later, because the Pause function, pauses the time countdown as well
B.) 4 hours later, because Automizy saves the date and time when a contact enters a wait section
C.) immediately when I click on the Republish button

The correct answer is B.

Do not be afraid of editing the Automation for a long time. We take care of checking the saved time stamps, and your contacts do not even notice anything.

After Republishing the Automation they will receive the new version of emails at the right time.

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