If you have a live Automation you want to edit, you have to pause it first. 

When you pause an Automation, the contacts will stay on the step they are currently on. They will move forward when you republish your Automation again.

Let’s see an example:

In your automation, there's a “wait for 24 hours” section right before and email sending action. You have a contact in this “wait for 24 hours” section for 16 hours. You pause this Automation for 4 hours. When will your contact get the next email?

The answer is: in 4 hours.

Automizy saves the date and time when a contact enters a wait section. It doesn’t matter if you pause the Automation when a contact is waiting because after republishing the Automation we will check the saved time stamp.

New contacts won’t enter the Automation while it is paused.

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