Main Metrics of Automations

Go to Automations and click on "VIEW" for an active automation. 

Inside you'll see your automation in analytics view

By default you'll see how many people entered every:

  • email sending action, 
  • contact tagging action, 
  • waiting period, 
  • and condition you have in your automation. 

Also, on top of every email sending action you'll see the open, click and unsubscribe rates of the specific email. This lets you gauge the performance of your automation just by having a quick look.

If you'd like to dig deeper click "See more" on any box. 

For email sending actions you'll get a view like this:

This shows you the exact number of: 

  • emails sent, 
  • emails opened, 
  • clicks in emails, 
  • and how many people unsubscribed in that email.

You can dig even deeper by clicking on "More Stats", that'll take you to this view: 

In this view you can have a look at the:

  • number of emails sent,
  • unsubscription rate,
  • soft and hard bounce rate
  • open rate,
  • click rate,
  • devices used to open and click inside your emails,
  • operating systems used when opening and clicking,
  • browsers used for opening and clicking.

Click on "more" for each metric and you'll get a list of contacts that you can filter. So you can see exactly who opened, clicked and unsubscribed.

In Automation Analytics, you can see how your campaigns are performing. Identify the bottlenecks, evaluate your campaigns and intervene if necessary!

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