A great way of building contact lists is to connect your website’s existing form to Automizy and have your new filled contacts synchronized to your Automizy contact list.

Introducing Autodetect.

Go to Create Forms and click on: "Connect From Website".

Step 1:

  1. Name your form. (This will only be displayed inside Automizy.)
  2. Copy and Paste the URL of the page where your form is located.
  3. Click on "Detect".

If you get the message you see below, insert the Automizy form detect code into the 'head' section of your website.

After Mizy is done scanning your page, you'll see the form(s).

Step 2: If there are more forms on your page, then choose the form you want to connect with Automizy.

Step 3: Map the Custom Fields with your form's fields.

Step 4: Choose a list where you'll syncronize the new subscribers or create a new list by clicking on "Create List".

You're done! 

A well designed form is only the first step to increase your customer base.... Start to nurture them by using this form as a trigger for an Automation.

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