Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), an individual saved as a contact in your Automizy contact database has the right to request that you delete all the personal data you have about them. In these cases, GDPR requires the permanent removal of their contact record from your database, including email tracking history, call records, form submissions, and other engagement data and activity.

Follow these steps to delete your contacts:

Login to your Automizy account and navigate to Contacts.

1. Find the list your contact is on. Click VIEW.

2. Here you can see all the contacts on your list. Click in the search field. Then, perform a search to find the contact who asked for the data removal. Next, click on the scrollbar on the right and choose REMOVE.

You will get a warning message first:

After you clicking OK your contact is deleted from the database. 

Please note: We do not keep any data about deleted contacts. This step is irreversible.

You can perform GDPR-compliant deletions as a bulk action if you select more contacts from the list.

1. Select the contacts you'd like to remove by clicking the checkbox on the left side of each row.

2. Click on the REMOVE button on the right side of the screen to delete the contacts you selected.

Please note: deleting the contact's personal data, will also remove their analytics and all tracking data, as well.


What happens if the deleted contact is added to my Automizy account again?
As Automizy deleted all the data about this contact it will detect him/her as a new contact.

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