Building an automation sequence, it is wise to add at least a 1 day wait period between each SEND EMAIL and  IF/ELSE CONDITION.
Doing so gives your contacts enough time to open and interact with your email. 

WAIT FOR is especially important when your Automation includes more than one “Send Email” action in a row or if you’re using an “If/Else” branch that is dependent on a contact opening, clicking links, etc.

Did you miss it? 😅
Don't worry, that is a common mistake.

Here is the quickest way to solve it:

  1. Locate the “Send Email” action in your automation.
  2. Click the node (the “+” symbol) after that send email step.
  3. A modal will appear with a list of new actions. Click “Wait for” and set the duration of the waiting period. 

Lets take a closer look: 

Now you are ready to track your contacts' behaviour and set up a well personalized automation workflow.

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