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Can the Automizy Form tag my contacts?
Can the Automizy Form tag my contacts?
Add a tag to form submitters to identify your subscribers' interests and keeping track of their opt-in source.
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Yes, it can!

You can tag contacts when they submit a form. This is really handy for identifying your customers' main interests and keeping track of where they originated from.

In Step 2 of the Form Creation Wizard: 

1. Click on Advanced tab in the sidebar.

2. Then Click on "ADD TAG".

Type the Tag(s) you want to add to contacts into the field below Add Contact Tag(s) to Subscriber.

How to tag contacts with an Automation action

  1. Fill out a Form will Trigger the Automation. Here you can select your targeted Form from the list.

  2. Click on "+" symbol to add an "Add a tag" action. In the "Add a Tag" action field, type the tag you wish to apply to all contacts who submit your form.
    Note that you can add multiple tags in this step.

  3. When finished, click the "PUBLISH" button.

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