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How to set up a Resend campaign to non-openers?
How to set up a Resend campaign to non-openers?
Increasing your email open rates won’t take you longer than 3 clicks. [Implementing time: less then 1 minute]
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Making a first impression twice. WHAT?! In email marketing you can, with the email campaign “resend” feature.

It allows you to resend the same email, but with a different subject line to contacts who did not open your first email for a chance to increase your email open rates and email marketing ROI.

Probably you are cautious of unsubscribes, especially on the second email. But email resend to non-openers can’t make your subscribers complain since it is sent only to those who didn’t open the first email.

We are introducing Resend to increase the open rate of your campaigns the simplest way possible.

How to resend newsletters to subscribers who didn’t open your original newsletter?

When you create a new email campaign, head to Subject line & optimization in your campaign set up and select “Re-send”.

You can select after how many days you want to resend your campaign.

You can set up up to 2 automated campaign resends, click on “Add resend” to add a second resend, and add a different subject line to maximize your email open rates.

That’s all :) After you finalize and send your email campaign, an automated resend (or two) will be sent to contacts who didn’t open your campaign.

Hint: Spice up your resend with an AI-powered subject line tester that will help you write better subject lines.

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