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How to add 😍 Emojis to your subject lines and email body?
How to add 😍 Emojis to your subject lines and email body?
Add an emoji to your subject line to make your email standout in an inbox and make it a bit more visual.
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Your customers are making snap decisions as they glance over their email inbox as to which emails to open.

Inboxes are pretty dull interfaces filled with text, so emojis in subject lines are a great way to cut through this dullness with some colorful visuals.

Let’s be honest. An emoji won’t make or break your subject line. An emoji symbol can either

  • make a bad subject line worse, 🤔

  • or make a good subject line better.😇

Let’s look at how to add an emoji to your subject line using Automizy:

  1. Click on the small smiley face on the right side of the subject line input field.

  2. Find the emoji you want to use and click on it.

That’s it... 😅

 You can even search for emojis. Which is great because there’s nothing worse than scrolling through hundreds of emojis looking for that one you would like to use.

How to add emojis to my email's body?

You can add emojis to the body copy of your email too. For the highest variance use sites like, Emoji Keyboard. or

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