An A/B test measures the engagement for different subject lines for the same email with a sample of your recipients.

When you create a new email campaign, head to Subject line & optimization in your campaign set up and select “A/B test”.

Step 1: Select A/B test

Step 2: Insert the subject lines you want to test, select how you want to send the winner subject line, and when to send it:

  • You can add up to 4 subject lines

  • You can decide how big the testing size should be on the slider

  • You can decide whether you want Mizy to automatically send the variation to the rest of your list that performs the best (has the highest open rate during the test) or you would like to decide manually which variation you want to send to the rest of the list

  • You can define the length of the testing period

After you set up your AB test parameter here:

That's it!

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