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How does Mizy's Subject Line Tester work?
How does Mizy's Subject Line Tester work?
Have a look behind the curtains to understand how our email subject line work.
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Mizy utilizes deep learning to analyze tons of email campaigns and make predictions for you. 

It helps you write the best available subject line and radically increases the open rate of your campaigns. 

Unlike any other subject line tester that uses best practices, it gives you the best available score because Mizy is continuously learning from real email campaigns.

Most marketers have a hard time writing good copy

Humans are great at creative writing.

But we can’t really predict what expression, phrase or sentence will resonate better with a certain group of people. Why?

Because there are thousands of variables that could be the reason why a specific subject line generates a higher open rate. That’s why people try to simplify the problem by reducing the number of variables. 

This gave birth to tons of “best” practices that tell you how to improve your copy, like:

 Also, there are studies that focus on:

In addition, there are subject line graders that are built on these best practices and studies. Still, it’s not enough to see the big picture and the relations between the variables.

This is where machines excel: understanding tons of variables and make sense of a big, messy dataset.

Mizy makes better predictions day-by-day

Mizy reads tons of real email campaigns and their subject lines. She also knows how each campaign performs: their open and click rate.

As you are reading this, Mizy is getting information about the performance of real campaigns.

Based on this information, Mizy’s neurons restructure themselves from time to time as new data is arriving. So the model she uses is continuously changing and developing. She is continuously improving her “brain” and always learning more and more.

How does Mizy Artificial Intelligence work?

As I mentioned, there are thousands of variables that affect how a subject line performs.

Deep learning is about finding these variables (features) just by processing tons of badly structured data and understanding the connections between them.

Deep learning uses a neural network that consists of multiple layers of neurons and different connections between these neurons. It works similarly to your brain. The most important part is that it is capable of identifying “features” in a huge dataset.

These features are the variables that affect the performance of a subject line. Mizy plays around with the importance of these variables. At the same time, she reviews the results of actual sent subject lines and their performance.

Based on this data, she understands the factors that affect the performance of a subject line. As a result, when you ask her to test your subject line she can make much better predictions. 

Not to mention she is always iterating and implementing new findings, therefore she is able to adapt to the changes your subscribers go through.

How does Mizy gather data?

Real deep learning works only if there is a big enough dataset which can serve as training data.

This is the reason Mizy learns mainly on campaigns sent by Automizy and Entermizy users and was pretrained on other relevant databases.

Automizy is an email marketing software for small businesses. And Entermizy is an enterprise email marketing solution. Altogether, our users send millions of emails every month.

This dataset is big enough to continuously improve Mizy because we can process the content of the emails and subject lines. Also, she sees the open and click rates for each campaign. Of course, this happens without connecting companies using Automizy with a specific campaign.

What is the advantage of using Mizy’s Subject Line Tester?

Unlike any other text tester and conversion optimization tool, Mizy provides useful feedback for your subject lines right away you start using it. There’s no need to train her neurons for months on your campaigns to get any result.

Until today, Artificial Intelligence was the privilege of big companies. Only they had enough campaigns and data for it. But with Mizy this era has ended: Small Businesses can harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and utilize it for their own campaigns too.

It is because Mizy is pre-trained and is always being re-trained based on the most recent campaigns and its results.

Thanks to its unique approach, you get awesome results immediately!

Also, if you want to, you can show Mizy your own campaigns too. This helps her give you better, more personalized scoring and recommendations that fit your own brand’s tone.

But even without uploading your own historical data, you can harness the power of Mizy: write the best available subject line and radically increase your open rate.

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