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How to Invite Colleagues?
How to Invite Colleagues?
Invite your colleagues to manage campaigns, send emails, and launch automations.
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You can invite unlimited users for free.

Your colleagues can use the Automizy account with the same permissions as you. 

How to do it? Really easy, let’s see:

1. Click "Settings" at the bottom left corner, and click "Invite Colleagues".

2. Then you will see this screen. Click "Invite User".

If you want to invite a colleague via email, select "Invite via email".

Type in the email address of the person you want to invite and click "Invite User".

That’s it, you invited new users via email! 👏

Your invited used will receive a confirmation email to confirm their invitation and set up their login details.

If you'd want to add a colleague manually, select "Add manually."

Enter your colleague's email address and click "Next."

Next, you will have to enter the user's first name, last name, and set a password.

After you create a new user, share the log in contact and password with your colleague so they can log in and start using Automizy.

Once done, you can see the added user in your users' list. You can add more users or delete them.

If you want to invite a user to a specific sub-account, open your sub-account and follow the same process above.

Read this guide to learn what's the difference between the main account and a sub-account and access and permission your invited users would have when invited to the main account or a sub-account.

Want to dedicate unique sub-accounts for different departments or teams?

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