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How to manage or export multiple contacts?
How to manage or export multiple contacts?
Export, copy and move contacts from one list to another.
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Edit multiple contacts at the same time with the Bulk Change options in Automizy.
Here’s how:

1. Go to Manage Contacts, select a list, then click on “VIEW”.

2. After that, you can see the contacts on the selected list. Here, you have 2 options:

  • Click on “SELECT ALL”, if you’d like to edit all the contacts on the list

  • Select the contacts you’d like to edit using the checkboxes on the left-hand side

Between the Live Filtering options and the Contact List you can see the Bulk Change options:

A. Export contacts

You can export your contacts into a CSV file, just click on “EXPORT”.
After the process ran through you can see your file downloaded and you are ready!

B. Add contacts to another list

  1. To add contacts to another list, just click on “ADD TO”.

  2. Here you can select which list you’d like to add the contacts to. After selected, click “ADD TO LISTS”.

C.  Move to another list

This time you move the contact to another list by adding it to a new list and removing from the actual one. 

  1. Choose “ADD TO”.

  2. Select the list you want to move the contact to and tick “Remove from here”, then click on “MOVE TO LISTS”.

D. Add a tag or remove tags

  1. Click on “ADD TAG” to choose the tag(s).

  2. After you clicked on it, choose the tags you want to add, then click “ADD TAG”. 

You can also create a new tag and add it to the selected contacts by typing it into the “Add New Tag” field

Or click on the dropdown to “Remove Tag”.

E. Update Fields

  1. Click on “UPDATE FIELDS” to edit the values of a custom field for multiple contacts.

  2. Click on the dropdown icon to choose which custom field you want to update.

  3. Type in the new value then click on “UPDATE”.

You can also create a new custom field that will be applied to all the selected contacts by clicking on “CREATE CUSTOM FIELD”.  

1. Determine the type of field you would like to add.

2. Name it then click “NEXT”.

3. This screen pops up. The default value is a substitution value, when a certain type of data is not available for the given contact. This is an optional field, but we recommend using it because it’s better for the contacts to see “your company” instead of Merge Tag like {{company}}. 

Merge Tag is the text you’ll put in your email body that will be replaced with the corresponding data for each contact.

Type in the desired Default value and Merge tag, then click “SAVE”.

E, Remove contacts

  1. Click on “REMOVE” to delete the selected contacts from your list.

  2. Then click “OK”. Watch out, it’s irreversible!

Now you have the power of knowledge to perform every bulk action! ⚡️

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