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How to set up AB tests in automations
How to set up AB tests in automations
Let the Machine Learning Algorithm automatically optimize your subject lines for higher open rates [Implementation time: 2 minutes]
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  1. Go to automations then select “Email” after you’ve set up the trigger.

2. Select your email editor or email template.

Add your subject line in the email setup.

Next click on the “A/B TEST SUBJECT LINES”.

Another subject line field will appear: “Subject Line B”. Type in a B variation. You can even “ADD VARIATION”s (up to 4).

You can test the subject lines' performance with our AI subject line tester

To test your subject line, click on“IMPROVE SUBJECT LINE”.

After you add your subject line variations, proceed with your email design and copy.

Once done, your AB tested email will appear like the following in your automation.

The “A” and “B” tabs below let you toggle between the 2 subject lines, so you can quickly see the difference in your variations.

Happy AB testing! ;)

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