1. Go to automations then select “Email” after you’ve set up the trigger.

2. Create an email to send, or you can use previously made mails. For this example, I’m going to use one of my existing emails. Just choose the email in the left sidebar and click “DUPLICATE”.

Here you can see there’s only one subject line:

3. Click below on the “A/B TEST SUBJECT LINES”.

Another subject line field will appear: “Subject Line B”. Type in a B variation. You can even “ADD VARIATION”s (up to 4).

You can test the subject lines performance even before hitting send by clicking “IMPROVE SUBJECT LINE”.

4. After you clicked “OK” you can this screen and you are ready! :)

The “A” and “B” tabs below let you toggle between the 2 subject lines, so you can quickly see the difference in your variations.

Happy AB testing! ;)

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