Blueprints are pre-made email automation workflows.

Currently, you can find 10 blueprints in the automation builder:

  • Automated thank-you email.

  • Welcome new subscribers (simple).

  • Follow-up leads from an event.

  • Offer discounts for product page visitors.

  • Announce a product launch.

  • Welcome new subscribers (advanced).

  • Lead magnet delivery.

  • Double opt-in.

  • Abandoned cart emails.

  • Anniversary emails.

Here is how to us Automizy's automation blueprints.

1.Create a new automation

Open the automation tab and click "Create automation".

Browse and select the blueprint that matches with your automation goal and click "Choose this".

Once you select a blueprint you'll have an introduction tab that includes an:

  • Blueprint overview.

  • Emails included.

  • Sign up forms.

  • Other details related to the blueprint you select.

Click "Create" to open the blueprint in the automation builder and customize it.

Click on the box you'd like to customize in your automation.

Customize the email copy, and setup your automation. You can add more elements in your automation.

Feel free to customize in any way youโ€™d like.

Now you can โ€œPUBLISHโ€ your brand new blueprint automation. ๐ŸŽ‰

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