Actions are your way to automatically...

  • add Contacts to List / remove Contacts from a List,

  • add Tags to Contacts / remove Tags from Contacts

  • modify user data (Custom Fields), or

  • move Contacts to another Automation

Let’s walk through each option in detail.

1. Add to List

After contacts enter automation you can Add them to a List, or even Remove them from a List of yours.

 Hint: This also comes in handy if you want to move people from one list to another automatically.

You can create a new list or stick with your existing lists.

After clicking on “Add to List”, you’ll see this:

Select the list you want to add the contacts to and click “OK” to Add to List.

2. Add Tag to contact

After clicking on “Add Tag to contact” or "Remove contact from a List" you’ll see this:

Select the Tag you want to work with and click “OK”.

4. Modify user data

The “Modify user data” option, lets you automatically change Custom Fields of contacts in your automations.

Click on the dropdown button and choose the field you want to modify.

Modify it with the text you want then click “OK”. 

Or you can create “NEW CUSTOM FIELD” by clicking on the button:

3. Move contact to another automation

You can move a contact to another automation at any point in the automation.

After clicking on “Move contact to another automation”, you’ll see this:

Choose the automation, then click “OK” and you are done.

Now you know every action you can do! :)

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