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Showcasing Email Templates
Showcasing Email Templates
Inspire your most engaged contacts with prebuilt email templates. [Implemetation time: 2 minutes]
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Whether you’re sending a bulk email campaign or adding an email to an Automation, Automizy provides a list of pre-built email templates to make your work quicker while sending great-looking emails.

To browse and select one of our pre-made templates, click “Browse all templates”.

The Automizy Email Templates are responsive and fully customizable. After you made some changes you can save them to be reused later.

There are 20+ templates ready to be used. Let me walk you through which to use and for which occasion.

eBook Email Template

Perfect to use as a lead magnet email if you’re sending:

  • eBooks

  • PDF file

  • Whitepaper

  • And new blog content release.

Restaurant Email Template

This template is perfect if you’re presenting more than just one product. Named “Restaurant” as if you could include a ‘mini menu’ in your email. 

What businesses could use this template?

  • eCommerce stores

  • Venues

  • Restaurants

  • Stores

  • Libraries

  • Bloggers (if you want to promote 2+ articles in the same email)

Welcome Email Template

Works perfectly for your welcome emails, particularly if you’re running a single opt-in subscription.

You can use this template as a confirmation email, welcome email and thank you messages. 

Use the “Welcome” template to:

  • Welcome new subscribers

  • Thank New customers

  • Confirm newsletter subscription

  • Send important updates

This email template got a minimalist design that can get the job done beautifully.

Events Email Template

This email template is tailored specifically for events. You can use it to: 

  • Announce a webinar and online courses

  • Promote upcoming events

  • A workshop you’re hosting, etc.

All you have to do is select this template and:

  • Add your business logo

  • Title of your event

  • Event description and image

  • Event details (date, time, etc.)

  • RSVP button

Newsletter Email Template

A newsletter is an email you send to promote new content to keep your contacts engaged and informed about what’s going on with your business.

This type of email campaign is the most used by businesses.

You may want to send this type of email on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on how often you have new content or how often your contacts want to hear from you.

Notification Email Template

This email template works for example if you’re using a double opt-in subscription process. You can use it to send a confirmation link to your new subscribers.

It includes a CTA button that users click to confirm their email address. You can send to:

  • Confirm user signup

  • Confirm subscription

  • Verify your subscribers' email address

Product launch Email Template

Our product launch email template can be used for a single announcement email or part of a product launch automation. It’s great for:

  • A new products release  

  • Product Updates  

  • Upcoming events, etc.

Promotional Email Templates

At Automizy, we understand that promotional emails vary from industry to another. For that, we’ve created 3 different promotional emails for both B2C and B2B email marketing.

You can use these templates for:

Product promotion Email Template

Seasonal promotion Email Template

Service promotional Email Template

Discount Email Template

Offering your audience a discount has the power to convert unsure subscribers into loyal customers.

You can use the discount template to:

  • Establish positive relationships

  • Increase your sales and revenue

  • Promote an ‘end of the year sale’

  • Increase sales of cold products

You can just as easily access the templates when sending a bulk campaign and when building an email automations as well.

Want to see more email templates that you could use for your business? Let us know in this feature request form and we'll take care of it.

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