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How to increase your email open rate with Automizy
How to increase your email open rate with Automizy
Get the higher open rates by using the Subject Line Tester and Machine learning algorithm [Reading time: 3 minutes]
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It’s every marketer’s headache: You spend time designing the perfect email for your subscribers with a catchy subject line and captivating body. Finally, you press send with high expectations. 

Instead of high open rates, only a small segment of your audience reads your message. You feel that you have wasted your time by not achieving the anticipated ROI. Don’t worry, we have all been there. It’s just a matter of using the right tools with the right mindset.

Automizy can help you to overcome this problem. 

I will guide you through how you can increase your email open rate:

  1. Firstly by learning what factors influence your open rate and putting those things to practice. 

  2. Secondly, understanding the factors in practice and applying different tools (Resend, Subject Line Tester, A/B Testing, Automation) that help you to achieve the highest open rate. 

What Factors affect your open rate?

A research, (where numerous email marketing campaigns have been analyzed), claims that segmentation, subject line, and sender name have the highest impact on your open rate. 

1. Determine your Buyer Personas

Segment your list by determining several buyer personas. Without a clear knowledge of your potential customers, it’s challenging to write compelling emails that drive open rates.

2. Choose your sender name cautiously

In most situations, you want to use a brand name that your recipients instantly recognize as yours. 

Generally, it's risky to use a person’s name, unless that person is your brand, or there is a direct relationship between the person and recipients. 

However, there is a new trend arising where marketers actually mix brand name with a personal name (e.g.: “Mor from Automizy” ).

If your contact receives an email from a name they don’t recognize, they have no incentive to open that email, unless it has a compelling subject line.

3. Write compelling subject lines

The most critical factor that determines your open rate is the subject line. 

What makes a good subject line? 

Some suggest that personalization is a must, some say that using urgency words like “today” benefits, while other praise emojis. Obviously, there are bags of best practices that find a correlation between various factors that indicate an increase in your open rate. 

At Automizy, we approach this issue from a different perspective. We are not saying that best practices are false, but they don’t represent reality. Best practices are based on data from the past, while we live in the present. 

We want to focus on the present, therefore we have created a subject line tester, that is continuously learning from live data and reflects your present performance. 

What could increase your email open rate?

1. Never forgets to Resend

An Open Rate Guru is never let down if a sent out campaign does not deliver the expected numbers. They are aware of the power of resend. According to Forbes it’s the simplest and quickest way to increase your open rate.

Also, they never forget to change the original subject line for the re-sent campaign. They know that it’s hard to write a universal subject line that resonates perfectly with their audience. That’s why they choose another subject line from the Subject Line Tester, set the waiting time, and hit “schedule resend”. 

Note: If you have A/B tested a campaign, you can’t resend it.

2. Always Tests

Before sending out a campaign, an Open Rate Guru never forgets to test subject lines in Subject Line Tester, where Mizy (our AI), continuously analyzes thousands of email campaigns. She gives you a score that reflects the present performance of the subject line. Always test several subject lines!

After testing 6 subject lines, choose the 3 with the highest scores and A/B tests them. It measures the engagement for different subject lines for the same email with a sample of its recipients.

After testing, most of the recipients will receive the campaign with the subject line that has performed the highest open rate, thus maximizing conversion. 

3. Automation

You can cut the repetitive tasks and focus on your email marketing efficiency. To boost your open rate  - whenever you can - automate your email sequences

Automation aims to bridge the gap between personalization and automated marketing actions.

It's recommended to thinks in a 3 step + 1 loop. 

  1. Collection of relevant information

  2. Creates rules

  3. Monitors the rules

  +1 Constantly refine the rules

Firstly, collect relevant information from the company’s user and customer base. The data may be gathered from forms, tags, list movement or integration of various customer databases or page view data of visitors and customers.

Secondly, create rules. A rule is a particular action that is triggered in case of a specific behavior of the customer. In Automizy, automation consists of three types of rules: triggers, actions, and conditions. This helps to segment them in real-time and create personalized content. The more variables are taken in the decision; the more specific segments can be created.

Thirdly, monitor the rules and the regarded changes. Access to historical data enables them to assess the bottlenecks of an automation and take action immediately.

Refines the rules, to optimize the automation and maximize conversion, also always tests different automations.  

We are all aware that changing the rules involve a high level of risk of decreasing the open rate. 

In order to reduce the level of risk, A/B tests the subject lines even in automation. 

Automizy will only send out the variant that has resulted in the highest open rate.


Congratulations! Now you know what it takes to increase your email open rate.

With this in mind, I shall allow you to pave your own path and be a fearless marketer that is aware of open rate’s mysterious spellcraft. 

Now go, and climb to greater heights of open rates. 

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