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Generate more leads with Sign Up Forms
Generate more leads with Sign Up Forms
How to convert visitors into leads? [Implementation time: 3 minutes]
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If you want to convert your website visitors into actual leads, you’ll need a sign up form to collect their information.

In this guide, you will learn how to do that step-by-step.

If you prefer video guides, here is a complete video on how to create sign up forms.

Head to “FORMS”, then choose “Create form”.

The form template selector shows up. Feel free to browse and select from our collection of templates Click on “NEXT”.

Name your form and connect it to one of your contact lists where newly generated contacts will be added.

In the form builder, you can insert design elements like header, image or text which you can drag and drop. You can create new fields as well or add existing ones. You have lots of design options to make your signup form look modern and convincing.

To customize the thank you page, click on “THANK YOU PAGE” tab.

To check the responsiveness of your form check the “MOBILE” view.

After you finished editing, click on “NEXT”.

To embed your form to your website, you have 3 options:

  • Choose SCRIPT to be able to edit your forms real time. Your CMS won’t affect the design.

  • Choose HTML if you don’t mind that your CMS’s design might affect it but if you make changes in the form you have to insert the new code again to your website.

  • Choose URL to get your form as a standalone site. This way you can easily test your signup form, link into your email or even share on social media

Copy the code of the version you prefer, insert it into your website, and click “NEXT”.

To check the statistics for the form, click on “STATISTICS”.

On the analytics page, you will see how many people signed up on your form on a timeline, how many website visitors saw your form (Impressions), how many people subscribed (Subscribers) and the conversion rate as well (Subscribers divided by Impressions).

You can also visit the form statistics from the “REPORTS” / “FORMS” menu.

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