Cart abandonment is triggered by potential customers abandoning their online shopping cart. Afterward, the potential customer receives a custom email, listing the abandoned products that were in the cart, which reminds them they have not yet completed their purchase.

Abandoned Carts
The number of online shopping carts, where the potential customer has left the website without checking out.
When Kim (your customer) chooses a sneaker and T-shirt from your webshop, proceeds with the checkout process (provides his email), but suddenly changes his mind and leaves the website without purchasing the products.
(Note: Cart abandonment box is only triggered if the purchase has not been made 30 minutes after the last item was added to the online shopping cart.)

Recovered Carts

The number of abandoned carts of which items are repurchased after the cart abandonment email was sent out.
After Kim has received an email regarding her abandoned cart, he’s reminded about the cool sneaker and T-shirt he has chosen on your webshop. This is enough incentive for him to continue the checking out process with the selected items, thus purchasing the products.
(Note: If the items of the original cart are repurchased in separate carts, it will still be considered as 1 recovered cart)

Recovered Revenue
The additional revenue generated from the purchase of items that were listed in the recovered cart.
After Kim has purchased the products, the additional revenue recovered from the abandoned cart is displayed on your analytics page.
(Note: Recovered revenue and carts are only generated if the consisting items are purchased in 7 days after the cart has been abandoned.)

Recovery Rate
Percentage of [abandoned carts / recovered carts]

Overall Email Statistics

Number of subscribers the campaign was successfully sent to

Opened (unique)
Percentage of total recipients (successful deliveries) who opened the campaign.

Clicked (unique)
Percentage of total recipients who clicked any link that is relevant in the campaign.
(Note: A relevant link is a link that is not “Manage preferences”/ “Social” / “Update info” / “Unsubscribe” / “Web version” link)

CTOR (Click To Open Rate)
Percentage of recipients that registered as an open who also clicked a link in your campaign

Deliverability Rate
Percentage of recipients that wasn't hard or soft bounce on this campaign

Bounce Rate (Soft / Hard)
Number of deliveries that registered as a hard or soft bounce

Number of subscribers that opted out of your list using the unsubscribe link in this campaign.

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