Learn how Simple Campaign Analytics are calculated in Automizy

Click on “statistics” button next to your campaign.

The “SUMMARY” tab shows you the most general information for your sent campaign:

  • Sent - Number of subscribers the campaign was sent to

  • Opened (unique) - Percentage of total recipients (successful deliveries) who opened the campaign.

  • Clicked (unique) - Percentage of total recipients who clicked any link that is relevant in the campaign.

(Note: A relevant link is a link that is not “Manage preferences”/ “Social” / “Update info” / “Unsubscribe” / “Web version” link)

  • CTOR (Click To Open Rate) -Percentage of recipients that registered as an open who also clicked a link in your campaign

  • Deliverability Rate - Percentage of recipients that wasn't hard or soft bounce on this campaign

  • Bounce Rate (Soft / Hard) - Number of deliveries that registered as a hard or soft bounce

  • Unsubscribed - Number of subscribers that opted out of your list using the unsubscribe link in this campaign.

The “LINKS & PREVIEW” tab shows all the links in your newsletter and how many times they were clicked by recipients, also allows you to review the sent newsletter.

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