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Is there any email content considered inappropriate?
Is there any email content considered inappropriate?
List of prohibited content that goes against Automizy's terms of services.
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We only allow content to be sent which is requested by subscribers and is in line with the Anti-Spam Policy

You can send emails using Automizy only if the content is created by you or you have the right to use it.

The content and the subject line must not be deceptive and thus mislead the subscriber about the purpose and content of the message.

Automizy prohibits Customers from sending email messages with content that is of the following nature:

  • Any messages that include spam.

  • Pornographic messages.

  • Introduces any computer viruses, worms, or software code that is detrimental to Customer’s recipients.

  • Messages that are in any way illegal such as sales of illegal substances, solicitation of escort services, or sales of any products or services that cannot be legally sold by Customers.

  • Grossly offensive messages such as messages promoting hatred, bigotry, intolerance of religious beliefs, racism, or any other messages that Automizy, at its sole discretion, may deem to be offensive.

  • Includes images that are not expressly authorized by the owner of such images

  • Any messages that are in any way prohibited by applicable law, would constitute a violation of applicable law or be inconsistent with community standards in any jurisdiction in which the recipient resides.

You can read more in our Terms of Service page.

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