Cart abandonment is triggered after a current or potential customer provides their email address during the checkout process. Afterwards, they receive a custom email listing the abandoned products that were in the cart and reminding them they have not yet completed their purchase.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create an abandoned email.


  1. Connect your shopify store to Automizy.
  2. Launch “Build automations”
  3. Choose “Cart abandonment” trigger
  4. Set delay by adding “wait for”

It is essential to set a delay, to time the sending of the abandoned cart email. You can set the delay in minutes, hours and days.


  1. Create an “Email”

You’ll design your email after you have set up your email. You can display the customer’s cart information by dragging the “Cart” block to the email editor. After it is added, you can:

  • set the quantity of the products from the cart to show
  • set the fields you want to display
  • customize the CTA
  1. Publish your automation and track your Results

After you have created your abandoned cart email you can publish the automation, by clicking “publish”. 

(Note: We don’t recommend you to have more than one cart abandonment automation.)


You can track your recovered revenue in “Run Reports” menu under “Cart Abandonment” tab. You can learn more about Cart Abandonment Analytics here.


After analysing the actionable insights you are endorsed to constantly refine your cart abandonment automation.You are able to refine your cart abandonment automation by clicking “pause” in the automation editor. 

note: You can access its automation editor by clicking “view” in “run reports” menu or next to the automation in “build automations” menu.


You can try to achieve even higher revenue by segmenting your customers real time. You learn more about Automizy’s powerful automation’s capabilities here.

Congrats! Your customers who leave items in their shopping cart will now automatically receive your abandoned cart email. 

Now you know what it takes to maximize your revenue for your ecommerce store. 

(Note: To make sure your customers don’t receive redundant emails, we recommend you to disable abandoned cart automations created outside Automizy. You can learn how to turn off abandoned cart emails in Shopify here. )

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