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What are the following statuses mean? Active, Unsubscribed, Hard bounce, Soft bounce [Reading time: 2 minutes]
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Your contacts can have one of the listed three statuses:
Active, Unsubscribed, or Bounced.

In this article you can read the definitions of each contact status.
Curious who they are or how many contacts are in each status? Scroll down where I'll show you how to filter contacts by their status.


These are contacts who had signed up via form, are uploaded by you manually or even added trough an integration, though the API, etc.
Only your active contacts are allocated towards your limit which is utiziled for your plan.
Even if your contact appers on more then one list, it is only counted as one.
If a contact unsubscribes or bounces, they they will no longer be counted.


Your contacts are labeled as unsubscribed if they have clicked on unsubscribe link in an email you've sent.
You can also unsubscribe them manually with an "unsubscribe" botton on their profile page.

Contacts that have been unsubscribed from all lists are not counted toward your contact limit.
If they are "Active" on at least one list, they will be counted once.


If your emai is rejected by a subscriber's receiving email server, they will be labeled as bounced. These rejection notices indicates the type of the bounce: hard or even soft one.

Hard bounce

The email is returned with the error that it was permanently rejected.
If we receive a hard bounce, the contact immediately gets the “Bounced” status and Automizy skips them during a sending process.

Generally a contact get bounced, when the email address

  • is invalid because it doesn’t exist or contains a typo

  • is deactivated, such as when somenone abandons a free email account or leaves a company

Soft Bounce

The email address may be only temporarily unavailable, because

  • The recipient’s mailbox is full or has been temporarily suspended

  • You have been blocked by the email client because too many users have marked your emails as spam

  • You have been added to the subscriber's blacklist

  • Of an unforeseen error or outage at the receiving mail server

In order for a contact to be given a "Bounced" status, they must receive 5 soft bounces in 5 consecutive campaigns.  

Subscribers with a bounced status are not count toward your contact limit.

Filter contacts by status

You can filter contacts by status on the Manage Contacts page.

  1. Click the status you are interested in filtering by to display those contacts.

  2. You can easily manage the Not Active, the Not Unsubscribed and the Not Bounced contacts, by specifying the status in the second input field.

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