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Create your first email
Create your first email
User-friendly responsive email builder to customize your email [Implemetation time: 3 minutes]
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Automizy provides a user-friendly responsive email builder to customize your email in a way that matches your brand.

To create a newsletter, open the “Campaigns” tab and click "Create Campaign".

Step 1: Content & design

Automizy provides you with the option of designing your email campaign from scratch or using pre-made templates.

You can use Automizy’s email templates to send:

  • Welcome emails

  • Event emails

  • Product announcement emails

  • Lead magnet emails, etc.

Also, you can use Rich-Text template to send emails that look like the ones you send using Gmail or other email services.

If you wish to benefit from our responsive templates, click "Browse all templates" to browse the 31 ready-to-use email templates.

Note: All email templates are fully customizable.

Choose which email template you'd like to use and click "Select".

The next step is to customize your email content and once done click “Done editing”.

Now that you have your email content and design ready, the 2nd step is subject line & optimization.

Step 2: Subject line & optimization

In this step, you can:

  • Write and test your email subject line

  • Set up an automated re-send to non-openers

  • A/B test your subject lines

Here is are additional resources on:

Step 3: Target audience

In your 3rd step, you’ll have to select the list you want to send your email to.

You’ll see a dropdown of the lists you have in your Contacts.

Select the desired list, and if you’re segmenting your contacts, select the filter(s) by clicking on “filters

Step 4: Schedule

If you want to send your email immediately just click “Now”, and when you finish your campaign set up click “Finalize to send”.

In case you want to schedule your email for a specific date and time, click “On a specific date”, and then click on the calendar icon to select which date and hour.

This takes us to the last step before finalizing your campaign.

Step 5: Sender & reply email addresses

Your email setting is made of 3 important elements.

1. Sender Email: It’s the email address you want to send emails from.

2. Sender Name: Is the name that you want to display in your contacts’ inbox or mobile notification when you send an email campaign.

Keep it clearly identifiable so your contacts recognize you.

3. Reply Email: It refers to the email address that your contacts reply to.

That’s all, now you have everything ready, hit the “Finalize to send” green button on the top right.

Then click “Send

Congratulations, you have successfully completed all the steps to send your first email campaign.

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