Automizy provides a user-friendly responsive email builder to customize your email in a way that matches your brand.

To create a newsletter just go to “Send campaigns” and click on "New Campaign".

Automizy provides you with 4 options to create your newsletters:

  • Drag and Drop
  • Simple Email (like Gmail)
  • HTML Upload
  • Pre-built email templates

Before filling your email content into the editor, you’ll have to set up your email setting and write your email subject line.

Set up Your Email Setting & Subject Line

Set up your email setting

Your email setting is made of 4  important elements.

1. Campaign Name: Is the name of your email campaign that would be saved inside your email marketing software.

The campaign name is only visible to you. It helps you keep your email campaigns organized and easy to find.

2. Sender Name: Is the name that you want to display in your contacts’ inbox or mobile notification when you send an email campaign.

Keep it clearly identifiable so your contacts recognize you.

3. Sender Email: It’s the email address you want to send emails from.

4. Reply Email: It refers to the email address that your contacts reply to.

Write your best email subject line

Your email content wouldn’t matter if you don’t get your subscribers to open the email in the first place.

Spend enough time to create an attention-grabbing subject line for your email campaigns.

If still undecided you can rely on Automizy’s free email subject line tester. It would help you decide on the best subject line to use. You might also consider using emoji in your subject line

Now that you have your email setting and subject line ready, you proceed to and build your email on the email editor you selected.

Drag and Drop Email Editor

With the Drag and Drop editor, you can create responsive emails without any coding knowledge. 

Drag and drop different elements, fill them up with your content, and design it in a way that matches your brand.

There are a default padding and design setup that looks great without any modification. 

Feel free to use the default setting and build your email in 20 secs!

Plain-text Simple Email

AKA email marketing that doesn’t look like email marketing.

Sending plain-text emails that look exactly like what you personally send from your Gmail account increases your click and response rate.

You just have to write/paste your email copy and it’s ready to be sent.

PLEASE NOTE: These are HTML emails as well. Otherwise, we couldn't provide analytics for them.

HTML Upload

For those who way deeper attention to their email design and build HTML emails, you can easily upload HTML emails to Automizy.

  1. Select the HTML file and your images.
  2. Drop these files onto the drop zone on the right sidebar.

Also, you can paste the HTML code of your email into the field and you can click on "Browse Computer" to add files from your computer.

Pre-build email template

Pre-built email templates make your work quicker while sending great-looking emails.

You can use Automizy’s email templates to send:

  • Welcome emails
  • Event emails
  • Product announcement emails
  • Lead magnet emails, etc.

Other useful information about our emails:

100% responsive emails: Don't worry about image sizes, Automizy will optimize your emails, so they'll look great in every client.

Save time by using your previous emails as templates.

Preview your emails in real-time:


There's nothing worse than finding out that your email looks awful in some email clients. Prevent such a thing from happening when using Automizy.

Because in our email sending process you can preview your emails on Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet to make sure your emails are on point.

Say goodbye to sending errors: 

Before each send you can double-check your email, subject line, sender name, sender email, and the recipients. 

And you can modify them if necessary. 

Simple, quick & mistake-free emails.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed all the steps to send your first email campaign.

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