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How to use Contact Tags properly?
How to use Contact Tags properly?
Managing Tags automatically or do it with the Tag Manager [Reading time: 2 minutes]
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Contact tagging represents a huge part of email marketing that is about collecting data about your contacts.

A contact tag is a label that adds information to your email contact.
It can be:

  • Interest

  • Purchased product

  • Downloaded content

  • Geolocation

  • Attended event/webinar

  • Clicked in an email

  • Etc.

Tagging helps you: 

  • Avoid spamming your subscribers,

  • Know what type of content they are interested in,

  • Segment them according to their behavior,

  • Begin or end email automation,

  • Identify their life-cycle stage.

The information you collect strictly relies on your business needs but there are 2 main types: 

  • Behavior-based information

  • Data provided by your subscribers themselves

Data provided by your subscribers is self-explanatory. The information subscribers fill in the opt-in form.

Behavior-based information is the meta-information you add to your subscribers with contact tagging.
Such as: downloaded a specific ebook, attended your event/webinar, became a hot lead, paid, etc.
In other words, the information you collect from your contact through the customer journey.

You can manage your tags easily in Automizy:

You can add tags to contacts in the following ways:

  • Contact join an email list

  • Email opens

  • Contacts’ link actions

Automation contact tagging - When contact joins an email list:

Automation contact tagging - When a contact opens an email

Important: Apply a waiting period before inserting a condition. That gives your email contacts enough time to interact with your content.

To add a contact tag, you can do it while creating your automation by entering your new tag in the “Add new tag” field.

Tag manager
To manage (add, edit, delete) your tag list, click on “SETTINGS” at the lower left hand side of the screen and select “Tag manager”:

From there you can add, edit and delete your contact tags:

How to make use of contact tagging or what would be good for?

Contact taggings helps you create high-conversion targeted email campaigns. Simply by segmenting your email list.

Check this help guide to learn about contact segmentation.

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