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Why my images looks bad in Outlook?
Why my images looks bad in Outlook?
Learn about the factors that are affecting your email formatting when previewed on Outlook.
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While our templates are designed to look great across all email clients, there are some common display issues that can appear when a subscriber views an HTML email in Outlook, especially in 2007 to present versions.

Most notoriously 2007, 2010, and 2013 use Microsoft Word to render HTML email, rather than a web browser or other program which is compatible with current web standards.

Unfortunately, Automizy can't do anything about the way Outlook or other email clients display HTML email, but we can share our experiences.

In this article, you will read our recommendations to troubleshoot the routinary upcoming issues.

Paddings around images:

Outlook will ignore set padding and margins around images. As a result, your wrapped text will be pushed against the image. 


If the padding is part of the image, Outlook cannot ignore it. Add a border around your image with a photo-editing program (use your campaign's background color), then upload the image to your email campaign.

White space appears above an image

Think about Microsoft Word print previews... Outlook renders email on desktops similarly to that.
So when the image falls between two separate pages for that particular section, Outlook will force the image down to the next page with inserting extra space above it.


Try to determine where Outlook is marking the page break in your content and reorganize your email. Move the image to another area in your layout and send a preview email to see if this fixed the issue.

Clipped, rescaled, or isn't downloaded pictures

A beautiful image can catch your subscribers' attention, but the limit for image width is approximately 650 px (and 1728x high).
Outlook will clip the excess off the top of images wider than this size.

Decrease the size of your image to under 650px width or crop the image into separate images.

The HTML that constrains images are not recognized by Outlook. It may display the image at the original size in Outlook, even if you used HTML to resize an image.

Be sure to resize your images before you upload them. 

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