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How to add Personalizations to your subject lines and email body?
How to add Personalizations to your subject lines and email body?
Personalizing your email subject line and email copy increase subscribers' engagement and improve their overall experience with your brand.
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Personalization is when marketers use subscriber data within their email content to make the content feel tailor-made for the individual.

It is proven to increase open rates and drive revenue by as much as 760% because it helps marketers give subscribers more relevant, individualized content.

Here is how it works.

Once the email is sent to the contact, the merge tag you inserted will be replaced by a value specific to the recipient.

How to add Personalization to my Subject line?

Click on the icon at the end of the subject line's input field to choose the best fitting custom field.

How to add Personalization to my email's body?

  1. From your campaign or automation email, locate the cursor where you would like to insert a personalization. 

  2. A modal toolbar will appear. Click the "Personalization" button.

  3. Click the custom field you wish to insert. In this example, we're going to insert the First Name personalization tag

Set up the default value for each custom field to make sure everyone will receive personalized content, even if you do not know their personal data, like last name or company.

  1. Click on "Settings"

  2. Choose "Contact fields"

  3. Clicking on "Edit" you will be able to set up a default value 

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