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How to create and save my own email template?
How to create and save my own email template?
Stay in-brand with Automizy's email templates manager. Save your time and re-use saved templates for your campaigns.
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Automizy provides different customizable templates to help you create a well-designed email, but feel free to create your own one.

Read more about prebuilt email templates here.

This article explains how to create your own templates or reuse a previous campaign.

Saving a campaign as a template

  1. Create a new Campaign

  2. After designing your email click on the array near the "SAVE" button and "Save as a template".

Using a previous campaign as a template

To minimize the time you spent in front of the screen, reuse your previously written email. In some cases, your email is ready to be sent after a short rewriting or redesigning.

  1. Click on New Campaign

  2. Choose the My Templates Option

  3. Select your saved template as a starting point for the new campaign

  4. Click on Select

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