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Manage Contacts' Lists Preferences
Manage Contacts' Lists Preferences
Allow subscribers to manage their preferences and choose which lists to display for your contacts.
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When you send emails out, you may want to let your subscribers update their preferences, so you don't need to update their profiles for them.
In many cases, this option can reduce unsubscribes, because users can easily change their preferences to receive the information they want.

The associated link is inserted in all Automizy template's footer, but there are several ways to place it manually

  •  add the [{managepreferenceslink}] merge tag to your campaign

  • place your cursor on a text field and click on Personalization on the menu bar and select: Manage my preferences

The link is unique to each subscriber and campaign, so it will be replaced with a link to the Manage Preferences Form after your campaign is sent.

Manage the public lists on Preference Page

Here is how to manage your public lists and select which pages to display to contacts who click on "Manage preferences" in your email footer.

Go to Contacts and click the tiny arrow next to contacts.

Note: Make sure the names of your lists are simple and understandable for all your subscribers. Contacts will see exactly the same list name.

Displaying multiple lists on Preference Page, lets your contacts unsubscribe from or even subscribe to each list.

In general, it helps your subscribers feel they have control over their data.

Lastly, once a contact submits your form and completes your automation, they will be subscribed to and/or unsubscribed from your lists accordingly.


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