To connect your webshop to Automizy you need to provide us some Shopify App API information from your Shopify admin account. 

How to do that? 

Log in your store’s admin area and go to Apps Menu, then click on the Manage private apps link. 

  • give a name (for example: Automizy integration)
  • give an emergency developer email (
  • give the app Read access to every API call (you find all of the API permissions under a collapsed dialog)

  • choose for Webhook API version the latest API version
  • we don’t need access to Storefront API so this can stay unchecked
  • save the app

Click on the Create a new private app button. Then fill an easy form: 

After you saved the app it will appear in this list:

Click on the name of your app, to access the keys: 

These are the keys you need to provide us: 

  • API key
  • Password (you can see it, when you click on the Show link)
  • Example URL
  • Shared Secret

After you provided these information to us at Automizy Integration Dashboard the connection between your webshop and your Automizy account is done. 

Disconnect Shopify from Automizy

You should click on the disconnect button at Automizy Integration Dashboard and the connection is disabled instantly. 

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