What are contact form Hidden Fields?

Use hidden fields to add useful information about contacts when they opt-in through your Contact Form without requiring a visitor to fill out a long multi-field form.

It's called hidden fields because it's not visible to your contacts.

You can use a hidden field to collect information, such as:

  • Segment your subscribers

  • Send personalized emails

What is contact tagging?

A contact tag is a label that adds information to your email contact.

You can learn how to use contact tags properly in this help article.

Here is how to add a hidden field and contact tag in forms using Automizy:

You can also manage (add, edit, delete) your contacts fields:

1- Go to “Setting”

2- Select “Contact fields”

Then you’ll be able to add, edit, and delete contact fields.

There you have it.

Feel free to reach out to our customer happiness team if you need any further assistance 😊.

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