Automizy’s Subject Line Tester grades your subject line and provides a score on how good your subject line is and how well it would perform in an inbox.

Here are the steps to follow to test your subject line:

1. Select your email campaign

Whether you’re sending a bulk email or an automated email, you can test your subject line with Automizy Subject Line Tester.

Just select your email campaign type, send campaign or automation.

Choose your email editor.

2. Select your email editor or template

3. Enter your subject line

Enter the subject line you want to use for your email campaign.

4. Click on “Improve subject line”

To test your subject line, click on the “Improve subject line” to display your subject line score tab.

5. Click on “Test a new one”

In your subject line score tab, you’ll see the score of your subject line. 

If you’re not satisfied with it, click on the “Test a new one” to test another subject line.

6. Insert another subject line to test

Enter your other subject line options into the field and click “Test subject”.

7. Choose your subject line

Your tested subject lines will be listed on the left of the tab with the scores next to it so you can have an idea on which one would perform the best.

It is recommended to test as many subject lines as you can think of and then decide on the best one.

Once you decide on which subject line to use, select it and click on the “Choose” button.

8. Click next to proceed to the email builder

Once you choose a subject line, it will automatically update your subject line field in the “Set up email” page.

Bonus Tip

If you’re undecided between 2 or more subject lines, I recommend you to AB test your variations and let the data decide on which subject lines perform the best.

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