There are some reasons why you might see preview emails land in your spam folder.

Please review the possibilities below, and reach out to our Customer Success Team if you need any additional support.

1. Did you send some plain message or a real campaign?
Make sure that the design and the content are similar to a real campaign of your business.  Using filler words or content will trigger the email client’s spam filter.

2.  Did you open your own test email?
All email clients are always studying based on your specific email address and how you interact with the sender.  

Let’s suppose you send frequent preview emails to yourself, but don't necessarily open or click these emails. It's tremendously possible that your next previews will go to your junk folder.

If you engage with these preview emails by opening and clicking them and mark them as “not spam”, the email client will place them back into your primary inbox.

3. Who are the sender and the recipient?
Even a security message might be displayed if the sender email address (you set in Automizy) is the same as you send the preview to.

If you send your test email from your business email address, use your private email address to send a test email to. To get the best idea of how your campaign will display in your recipients' inboxes, set up email accounts on all the most popular email clients, like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail, and send tests to those accounts.

4. Have you already checked the firewall settings?
Corporate spam filters and firewalls can be strict if you are sending multiple preview emails (or many emails in general).
If you face this issue it might be a firewall setup.

Check your firewall settings to ensure you're not doing anything to block Automizy emails.

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