Right after you create your signup form in Automizy, you will need to embed your form to your website.

Here is a step-by-step how to insert your form to your:

  • Wordpress website

  • Contact Form 7 Wordpress plugin

  • Other websites

To embed your form to your website, you have 3 options:

  • Choose “SCRIPT” to be able to edit your forms in real-time. This means when you edit your form on Automizy, it will automatically be updated on your website.

  • Choose “HTML” if you don’t mind that your CMS’s design might affect it but if you make changes in the form you have to insert the new code again to your website.

  • Choose “URL” to get your form as a standalone site. This way you can easily test your signup form, link into your email or even share on social media.

How to embed your Automizy form in WORDPRESS?

Open your Wordpress Post or page where you want to insert your form.

Click on the (+) icon to add an element on your page.

Type HTML in the search bar, and select “Custom HTML”.

Once you add the element “Custom HTML” you’ll have to go to your Automizy form and copy the form’s HTML or SCRIPT.

After you copy your code, go back to your Wordpress and paste your HTML or SCRIPT code in the “Custom HTML” field. 

To check if your form looks good in your Wordpress website, click on “Preview” to display it.

Once you’re satisfied with the result and how the form looks on your Wordpress page or post, publish your page.

After you publish, fill in your own form to test it and confirm that it’s working properly.

How to embed your Automizy form in Type Form 7?

Open your Wordpress Type Form 7 page and click “Add New”.

Then go back to your Automizy form and copy the HTML or SCRIPT code of your form.

Then paste it to the text space of your Type Form and click “Save”.

Once you have your new Type Form saved, it will automatically generate a form ID that you can copy and paste in pages where you want to embed your form.

All you have to do is copy your form ID, and paste it on your page.

Once you publish your page or post, your Automizy form will be displayed similar to the following example:

If you want to duplicate the same form to other pages, you have to paste the same Type Form ID in the pages where you want to display the form.

How to embed your Automizy form on other websites?

For other websites, it is almost the same thing, you have to copy the HTML or SCRIPT code and paste it in the specific section on the page where you want to display your form.

In case you’re not an IT person and don’t know where to paste the script or HTML code, it is best to:

  • Forward it to your IT person and ask them to paste it for you.

  • Write to help@automizy.com and our customer care manager will help you embed your form.

That’s it, now you’re ready to generate more leads for your business.

If you need any further assistance with embedding your Automizy form, please write to our support team and we’ll gladly assist you.

Automizy provides you with a URL for your form which you can copy to use as an anchor text you can use on your website. Or you can simply copy to share on your social channels.

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