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How to set up Double Opt-In in Automizy
How to set up Double Opt-In in Automizy
Set up a double opt-in automation and tag contacts who confirmed their subscription.
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A double opt-in email marketing is known as confirmed opt-in, is when the user subscribes to your list and is then required to confirm their email.

This means when a website visitor subscribes to your newsletter they receive an email with a confirmation link they must click to confirm their email address.

When creating a double opt-in email, only contacts who confirm their subscription receive further emails from you.

Here is how to set up double opt-in email automation in Automizy:

1. Create new email automation

Select “Blank canvas”

2. Select your email trigger

Select “Joins an email list” trigger.

3. Add your confirmation email

Add confirmation email right after the trigger with the confirmation link that you want your new subscribers to click.

After you create your confirmation email, you need to add a waiting period for the email confirmation process.

4. Add a waiting period

Select the exact waiting period you would like to apply.

Select the option of “Has clicked a link in an email”

Click on “Next”

Select the link you added in your confirmation email to verify your subscribers’ email addresses.

6. Add a tag to verified email addresses

In the “Yes” branch, click on “Do this”.

Select “Add tag to conatct”.

Enter the tag name you want to apply to contacts who confirm their email addresses and click on “Add”.

7. Publish your double opt-in automation

Click on “No, pull in only new contacts”.

Once your automation is published, you can see how many subscribers opt-in and how many of them confirmed their email addresses in the stats.

8. Use your “Verified Email” tag as a trigger or filter

Subscribers who confirm their email addresses will all have the “Verified Email” tag, you can use that to trigger email automations, or you can use it also to filter contacts when sending a bulk email campaign.

If you don’t want to send emails to subscribers who did not confirm their email addresses, you can delete their data from your email list.

9. Delete unverified email subscribers

Go to your email list, select “Tag” as your contact filter.

Select the tag “Is not”.

And select your contact tag to display the list of unverified email addresses.

To delete unverified contacts, select all contacts. 

Then click “Remove”.

Want to be inspired for your double opt-in email? Read our blog on 5 Subscription Confirmation & Double Opt-In Email Examples.

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