Having multiple domains you might want to create sub-accounts under your main account.

A video about account management in Automizy:

Just follow these steps below to create subaccounts.

1. Create a second Automizy account using your other  email address

The same trial account creation process as you did it before, just connect it with your other domain. This will be your sub account.
(If you do not have yet, use your private email address or your business one with "+automizy" extension.)
e.g.: name+automizy@mydomain.com

2. Go to Setting and then Invite Colleagues

3. Invite your first account's email address and all your colleagues who you'd like to share the account with

Click on “Invite user”.

Enter the email addresses and other data

4. Confirm the invitation from your email inbox

5. Confirm your sub-account information

Once you confirm your information you’ll be redirected to your main Automizy account, and you can see your sub-accounts by clicking on the account icon on the top right.

Repeat the same process if you want to add more than just one sub-account.

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