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How to create a subaccount?
How to create a subaccount?
Create subaccounts to manage different departments at your company or create separate accounts for your clients.
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Create multiple sub-accounts to manage different departments at your company or to create dedicated separate accounts for your agency clients.

You need a main Automizy account which you will add your sub-accounts under.

Use Automizy sub-accounts to:

  • Have a master account to manage subaccounts.

  • Easily create and manage unlimited subaccounts

  • Split contact limit between subaccounts

  • Invite users to specific subaccounts

  • Separate projects, teams, clients, and departments.

  • Keep analytics and emailing activity separately.

Let’s see how to create and manage subaccounts.

1. Create a new Subaccount

Click on your profile icon on the top of the right corner. Then click “Create new subaccount”.

Name your subaccount and click “Add”.

Once done, you’ll be automatically redirected to your “Client Manager” dashboard.

Through your Client Manager dashboard, you can:

  • Rename account

  • Distribute contact limit

  • Add/delete subaccounts

  • Upgrade your contact limit

Allocate contact limit to your subaccount

You can distribute your contact limit on your subaccount. Here is how to do it.

Click on the pencil icon of the subaccount contact limit.

Enter the number of contacts you want to allocate and click “Save”.

Rename subaccount

You can rename your main account or subaccount through the Client Manager tab.

Click on the pencil icon next to the account name.

Rename your account and click “Save”.

Note: Only the main account has permission to

  • Change account name

  • Allocate contact limit

  • See billing plan data

  • Add/remove subaccounts

3. Switch between accounts

Once you created your subaccount, click on your profile icon on the top right corner, and you’ll have the list of your accounts.

Click the subaccount name to select which account you want to manage.

Subaccounts will not display:

  • Account plan data

  • Client manager tab

4. Invite colleagues to a subaccount:

Open the subaccount you want to invite a colleague/client to.

Open your Setting, and click “Invite Colleagues”.

Click “Invite user”.

Enter your Colleague/Client data and click “Invite user”.

The invited colleague/client will receive a confirmation email that he/she needs to accept to be able to access the account.

4. Confirm the invitation from your email inbox

5. Confirm your subaccount information

Once you confirm your information you’ll be redirected to the invited-to Automizy account.

Repeat the same process if you want to add more than just one subaccount.

"If I create 3 completely separate accounts, can I merge them together in the future?"

You can merge your contacts into one account, you will have to export contacts first. Then you import contacts as CSV to the master account you want to use. Then you delete the 2 accounts you don't need anymore.

Your email campaigns and automation can't be moved to one master account, only contacts.

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