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Integrate Hyperise and Automizy
Integrate Hyperise and Automizy
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Hyperise + Automizy integration helps users personalize their email campaigns with personalized dynamic images.

Here is how it’s done.

Login to your Hyperise account and create your dynamic image.

1. Add Automizy integration to your Hyperise image

Click on integration to browse the list of integrations that are available on Hyperise.

2. Click on “+” to add integration

3. Select Automizy

4. Copy the URL of your image

Here is an example of the generated URL:

NOTE: You have to copy only the URL, and delete the HTML. Your link will look like this:

5. Open your Automizy’s drag & drop email builder

Drag and drop an image box in your email.

3. Click on URL option to add image

Select the image URL option for adding an image to your email. It’s going to be the place 

4. Paste your Hyperise image URL

Once you paste your Hyperise image URL, it will display in your email builder.

There you go! Automizy and Hyperise users can easily send personalized emails to increase their email performance.

If you change your dynamic image content or setting, you will have to update your image link in Automizy too.

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