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How to add GDPR checkbox to your form?
How to add GDPR checkbox to your form?
Collect subscribers' consent to make sure you're email marketing is GDPR compliant. See how to add a checkbox in your forms.
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Whether you’re running email marketing campaigns in Europe, or you have customers in Europe, you have to make sure that your subscription forms are GDPR compliant.

Here is how to create a GDPR compliant form in Automizy.

1. Create new form

2. Select your form template

In Automizy you can find 10 templates that are fully customizable to match your website design and brand.

Select your form template and click “Next”.

3. Connect your form to an email list

Select the email list that you want to add your new subscribers and click “Next”.

4. Open “Advanced” setting

Cick on “Add GDPR consent checkbox” to make your form GDPR compliant.

Once you checkbox the GDPR compliance box, you can see it’s added to your form.

You can customize your checkbox copy and links.

Once you’re satisfied with your form design and made sure it’s GDPR compliant, you can proceed to embed your opt-in form to your website.

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