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Cart2WP and Automizy
Cart2WP and Automizy
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In this guide, I will show you how to integrate Automizy and sync your ThriveCart customers to your contact lists.

To get started you will need to install and activate the Automizy add-on in your Cart2WP.

1. Go to Settings/Add-ons panel.

You will be requested to insert your API Key which you have to generate from your Automizy account.

2. Login to Automizy and go to Setting

Click on “Setting” at the bottom left, and select the “API Token” option.


3. Create API Token

Click on “Create Token” to generate your API Key.

4. Copy your API Key:

Click on “Copy & close” to successfully save and copy your API key.

5. Paste your API in ThriveCart

Select a product ID from the dropdown and type in the Automizy contact list ID where that particular product’s customer details should be synced to. 

To find your list ID, simply look in the link of your contacts list and the number will be the ID:

Once you finish, save your setting and you’ll have everything synced properly. 

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