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Can I use Automizy to send cold emails?
Can I use Automizy to send cold emails?
You can't, Automizy is for permission-based email marketing. Read the article for a detailed explanation.
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Automizy is an email marketing software, NOT an email outreach software.

Here is the difference between cold emailing and marketing emails:

  • Cold emails go to people who don’t know you yet.

  • Marketing emails go to specific audiences who already opted to receive your emails.

If you use your Automizy account to send outreach cold emails, you risk getting your account suspended.

Sending emails to purchased, harvested, publicly available, third-party, or rented lists using Automizy violates our Anti-Spam Policy.

There are no pros in using Automizy for cold emailing, instead here are the cons:

  • You'll destroy your email address reputation

  • All your emails will end up in the spam folder

  • You risk getting your account banned

  • Not complying with GDPR, CAN-Spam, and other anti-spam regulations.

Automizy's marketing automation should be left to do what it does best:

  • Sending bulk emails to subscribers who already opted-in

  • Sending lead nurturing email automations

  • Setting up email autoresponders

  • Onboarding new subscribers and users

  • Engage your customers, etc.

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