Adding a Countdown Timer to your emails makes it easy for you to create a sense of urgency for limited time offers, letting subscribers know exactly how much time they have to take action.

Here is how you can add a countdown timer to your email campaign.

Select whether you want to send:

1. Select drag & drop builder

To add a countdown timer, you will need to select Automizy’s drag & drop email builder. Or use one of our pre-built email templates.

Click “Create” and set up your email setting.

2. Drag & drop the Timer box in your email

Your timer will automatically set to zero.

You will have to set up your timer setting. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to Sendtric (a free countdown timer builder).

Step 2: Choose the time zone, the deadline for your offer, and the default language.

Step 3: Customize the design, color, background color to match it with your brand and email.

Step 4: Click on "Generate" to get your countdown email timer code snippet.

Step 5: Copy-paste the generated HTML code in the designated place to embed it.

There you go!

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